Grant Submission and Form


Grant Review Schedule

There is no deadline for submitting a grant request.  Requests are reviewed at least quarterly.

Requesting a Grant

An organization seeking a grant should download and complete the MS Word document titled: "THCF Grant Application Form", which includes three parts: information about the organization, information about the program, and a program budget.  Alternatively, you may request a hard copy of the form by mail using the address below. If an initial grant is approved, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fund the program in the future due to our limited resources. 

Once complete, return to: 

Tubac Health Care Foundation
PO Box 1913
Tubac, Arizona 85646-1913
Attention: Grant Committee

Reporting Requirements

Grantees are expected to report on their program's accomplishments at the end of six months and the one year grant period.  Reports can take the form of a one-page letter, along with an accounting of how the grant funds were actually used in comparison to the budget presented when the grant was requested.  

Click here to download the THCF Grant Application Form


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